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Our range of single monitor arms provide both flexibility and organisation to the workplace. With a range of shapes and sizes to choose from, alongisde being adjustable, these monitor arms can be used to create the ideal office environment. 

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Wildly popular and increasingly varied, monitor arms are dominating the modern office workspace. They bring a range of benefits through their flexibility and versatility, able to adapt to the requirements of everyday workers. Monitor arms are perfect for sedentary workers, standing workers, artists and accountants. They help create a clutter-free workspace and improve the professional look of the office.

Their intelligent design allows the user to adjust their screen to their preferred eye-level. This reduces the strain on neck and back muscles. Monitor arms are very easy to mount on desks, with cable management properties available as well as different types of bracket.

How to Position Monitor Arms

A flexible monitor arm ensures your flat screen is never too far away, causing back-strain, or too close, risking eye-strain. A correctly positioned monitor sits at a comfortable distance of around arm’s length. The centre of the screen should remain at eye-level yet also allow for adjustment throughout the day.

Our singular monitor arms offer rotation and revolution. This makes them an ideal solution for hot-desking environments, able to cater to multiple users. Invest in monitor arms for an ergonomic workstation, reducing risk of injury and strain. Read our article How the position of your monitor affects your upper body for more information.

Single monitor arms are available in a range of styles. They can be fixed to the desk or use an quick-release removable fitting. Mounting plates and a preassembled clamp or a pole screwed within to the desk. Gas articulated and spring articulated arms enable an easy and smooth adjustment.

Single monitor arms allow you to fit a single monitor effortlessly on your desk, promoting good posture and a comfortable viewing position. Implement them to benefit your worker’s productivity and wellbeing as well as your company’s success.

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Trusted Customer
17 October 2020 08:28

Metalicon Kardo Single Monitor Arm

Great product, just what I needed

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Excellent service

Brilliant, thank you very much for your positive review of our service.


Andy Munn
6 March 2019 12:49

Metalicon Kardo Single Monitor Arm

Excellent product, well made and robust

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excellent product (monitor arm), well made and a very quick delivery. This is the 4th time that I have purchased items from Desk Accessories Direct and each time service has been very, very good.

Thank you very much for the really great review of our service and delivery.

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