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For those who require the use of two screens when working, our range of dual monitor arms are ideal and can help to enhance productivity within the workforce. With various styles available, it is possible to create a clutter-free workspace in a way which matches any interior. 

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Twin Monitor Arms

Monitor arms also have the advantage of providing ample room for multiple screens. Two screens are now standard in most modern office, doubling the productivity of employees. How the monitor arm is engineered, supported by a single pole, allows the user to add additional arms. This ranges from two to six arms, useful for specific operations and circumstances. The arms can be fully rotated, allowing two users to work from the same monitor arm desk mount. Space conserving, office flat screen monitor arms encourage a healthy clutter-free work-style.

How to Position Monitor Arms

A flexible monitor arm ensures your flat screen is never too far away, causing back-strain, or too close, risking eye-strain. A correctly positioned monitor sits at a comfortable distance of around arm’s length. The centre of the screen should remain at eye-level yet also allow for adjustment throughout the day.

Our twin monitor arms offer rotation and revolution. This makes them an ideal solution for hot-desking environments, able to cater to multiple users. Invest in monitor arms for an ergonomic workstation, reducing risk of injury and strain. Read our article How the position of your monitor affects your upper body for more information.

Double monitor arms are available in a range of styles. They can be fixed to the desk or use an quick-release removable fitting. Mounting plates and a preassembled clamp or a pole screwed within to the desk. Gas articulated and spring articulated arms enable an easy and smooth adjustment.

Two monitor arms allow you to fit two flat-screens effortlessly on your desk, promoting good posture and a comfortable viewing position. Implement them to benefit your worker’s productivity and wellbeing as well as your company’s success.

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