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Customer reviews


Trusted Customer
14 October 2019 11:50

Gentoo Cupboard 2000mm High (4 Shelf)

Good construction, particularly useful is the 'solid' back panel making the cupboard very rigid and strong.

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They have a very good website where you can interactively view in detail the products available from the various office suppliers. Once chosen, the furniture was delivered on time, the materials supplied were all correct and well packaged.

Thank you very much for the really great 5 star review of both our service and easy to use website.


Dec Mooney
1 July 2019 12:00

Gentoo Desk High Cupboard 730mm High (1 Shelf, Extra Depth)

Great service and product

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Perfect service. Prompt delivery and quality product.

Thank you very much for your really great review of our quality and service.


Trusted Customer
16 March 2019 09:28

Gentoo Cupboard 1200mm High (2 Shelf)

Excellent quality. I would recommend

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Arrived promptly with no problems

Brilliant to hear, thank you for the 5 star review and recommendation.