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Power & Data Modules

With a wide range of choice available, our range of Power and Data Modules are able to provide power efficiently across various everyday devices and provide the option of individually turning the power off or cutting it all with one switch. With the choice of desktop, in-desk and under desk modules, alongside accessories, these modules can be highly practical in many situations. 

A professional office needs to consider a practical and stylish way of powering their everyday devices. A range of options are available; some are more discreet and some offer more accessibility. The power units can be installed above, underneath or within desks, with executive desks and boardroom tables involved in the design. Each plug socket can be turned off individually or cut power to the whole extender through a master switch. Practical and often necessary, power and data modules will improve the user friendliness of the workplace.

Desktop Modules

Power modules vary in size and features. Smaller models have 2 sockets whereas the larger models can have upto 4. Their colour can be customised to suit the office environment; colours include white, grey or black. The desktop modules also feature USB charging stations and data ports as well as power sockets.

The desktop modules are attached to the desk via a removable clamp which is easy to set up. They are high quality units, with a fast charge USB port and numerous switches. Sockets are all individually fused, coming complete with power and data leads. They are tested to the most recent safety specifications. Desktop modules are versatile, can be placed anywhere, and are ideal for hot desking environments and charging devices on the go.

In desk modules

Balancing both discretion and accessibility, in desk modules are the most practical way of powering your desk devices. They can be transported with the desk without the rearranging of modules and cables. They often require a table specifically designed to cater to in desk power sockets. Tables with this engineering include meeting room tables, executive desks and some standard office desks.

The in desk power sockets and extenders can include lids which open to provide access. In desk power extenders are neat and unobtrusive. Their lead length and colour can be customised; black, white or grey; 2 meter, 3 meter or 5 meters. Some power sockets are rotatable and can include HDMI and SVGA inputs, perfect for sophisticated modern conference room and corner offices.

Under Desk Power Modules

Under desk power units are robust and practical, great for busy offices. Increase desk space and keep desktops clutter-free by keeping the wire management under the desk. Budget friendly, these models favour a discreet look for minimal, modern office.

Under desk modules keep office productivity fluid by not including switches. The multiple sockets are ideal for powering CPUs and desktop screens. They feature a range of different ports including ethernet ports. They are screwed in to be attached, great for use alongside modesty panels. Central fixings are supplied.


Essential desk socket extension accessories. Mains leads, connector leads and data leads such as ethernet cables are available. The can be purchase in a range of length to suit all a workplaces requirement.

We ship to the whole of the UK for free. Any questions just call us and an expert will be on hand to provide you the answers.

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