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Our range of Partitions are suitable for the use in a range of environments in order to create a sense of division and personal space between workspaces to encourage individual work. With the choice of both office and desk parititions, these dividers can improve various elements of the layout in the office. 

Practical, versatile and wide ranging; divider screens are used in a variety of environments. They include a selection of display boards which are widely used in collaborative offices and workplaces. A mainstay in open offices, divider screens are used to quickly or permanently separate off areas. Symbolise departments or create breakaway areas easily with mobile boards. Divider screen and display boards are changing the way workers view their workspace, improving its utility and versatility.

Desk Divider Screens

Privacy and confidentiality can be hard to come-by in collaborative offices. Define desk space without compromising on cooperation by employing desk divider screens. They differ in size and colour, suiting a range of desk styles. The materials used also vary between fabric, polyethylene or with metal trim; each are robust and long-lasting.

A variety of shapes are available, including wave, rounded and straight. A toolrail can be included with can have an attached monitor arm mount, sold separately. Desk divider screens are a stylish and practical solution to reducing distraction and helping to improve productivity.

Floor Divider Screens

Floor standing screens are tall space dividers, used for privacy and discretion. The screens are upholstered in a fabric, an acrylic top is optional. There is a wide range of colours, able to be customised to suit an office aesthetic or reflect a company’s logo.

Floor divider screen can be designed as freestanding or as to be buttressed between two desks to provide both leg-space and desk-space separation. They can include a toolrail which is able to attach magnetic items or clamped monitor arms.

White Boards

The white board collection is varied and practical. Mobile whiteboards include wheelable casters for added utility. Some mobile whiteboards can revolve, with landscape and portrait styles available.

Easel whiteboard are lightweight and user friendly. They involve three legs which remain sturdy and practical. Combi white boards also include a non-whiteboard segment, either of felt or cork for pinning notices. Aluminium or wooden frame with rounded safety corners, the white boards are a long-lasting versatile display solution.

Notice Boards

Felt noticeboards vary in size and length and colour. They can feature an aluminium or wood frame to border the fabric upholstery. Or the notice boards can be mobile with wheelable castors and a reversable mechanism.

The noticeboards can use a tamperproof flameshield. The flameshield is fire resistant and lockable, securing the notices away from disruption. Noticeboard designed for outdoor use are available; waterproof and able to handle the wet weather.

Glass Boards

Magnetic Glass Wipe Boards are increasing in number and popularity in the UK as well as worldwide. They are part of the minimalist revolution, helping to reinvent office landscapes. They are made from a high-quality tempered glass which is both easy to clean and extremely durable. Desk Accessories Direct’s magnetic glass boards can be used with either chalk, board markers or felt tip pens. They are magnetised, perfect for use with whiteboard accessories. The fittings are hidden, instead displaying a discreet, singular one-piece surface.

Available in a range of sizes, the glass boards include an exceptional 25 year warranty.

Presentation Boards

The wheelable insta-wall folds into a practical trolley, and the partitioning is a honeycomb sound absorbing design. It is available in a range of colours and has locking castors for security.

The screen is difficult to tip over and very durable, perfect for busy environments. They have heavy duty frames with double sided panels; their rounded edges are safety-conscious. Three, five or seven panelled versions available, the 2 year guarantee ensures the fabric partitioned will become an essential component of the classroom or workspace.

Screens with multiple panels available, the desktop screens are great for improving available workspace, creating a clutter-free environment and ensuring privacy. Partitioning screens which are easy to fit to desks help workers concentrate with reduced distraction and are ideal where complete isolation or confidentiality is required.

This product is very popular in universities, libraries, call centres and offices. Attach professional and personal aids to the board. Some can be easily transported with its complimentary nylon storage and carrying bag.

Desk Accessories Direct Screens & Boards

Leaflet dispensers are very useful in receptions and waiting rooms, and for displaying work around the office. White board planners include a metal back for use with magnets, a dry-wipe board and a 37 days per month planner for additional notes. More accessories are also available.

Each display and divider item comes with a multiple year warranty. Desk Accessories Direct has an excellent range of modern office solutions. We ship to the whole of the UK for free. Any questions just call us and an expert will be on hand to provide you the answers.

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