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Our quad monitor arms are a stable and secure way of displaying four monitors in an appealing and efficient way. With a capacity of up to 4, 8kg screens, these monitor arms are highly reliable and are made up of durable materials. 

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Our multiple monitor arms can hold up to 4 monitors easily allowing you to maximise your desk space - complete with cable management.

Multiple monitors enable you to see numerous screens simply and efficiently, increasing work flow whilst reducing the risk of neck pain or eye strain during extended computing sessions.

Quad Monitor Arms

Monitor arms also have the advantage of providing ample room for multiple screens. Four screens are popular in modern offices and homes, doubling the productivity and doubling the satisfaciton of employees. How the monitor arm is engineered, supported by a single pole, allows the user to add additional arms. This range caters from two to six arms, useful for specific operations. The arms can be fully rotated, allowing two users to work from the same monitor arm desk mount. Space conserving, office flat screen monitor arms encourage a healthy clutter-free work-style.

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