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Monitor Arms

Helping to enhance organisation within the workplace, our range of Monitor Arms can help employers to create a clutter-free workspace, improving employee efficiency. With a wide range of sizes available and being able to hold up to six monitors, these Monitor Arms are highly practical. 

The correct working position has been is shown to benefit the health and wellbeing of sedentary workers. Many studies including those by the NHS and Journal of Ergonomics agree a healthy work-style reduces the risk of long-term health issues and absences. Employers and businesses are being pushed to take these findings into account. Monitor arms are a great step toward building a foreword-thinking ergonomic office.

Wildly popular and increasingly varied, monitor arms are dominating the modern office workspace. They bring a range of benefits through their flexibility and versatility, able to adapt to the requirements of everyday workers. Monitor arms are perfect for sedentary workers, standing workers, artists and accountants. They help create a clutter-free workspace and improve the professional look of the office.

Their intelligent design allows the user to adjust their screen to their preferred eye-level. This reduces the strain on neck and back muscles. Monitor arms are very easy to mount on desks, with cable management properties available as well as different types of bracket.

Dual Monitor Arms

Monitor arms also have the advantage of providing ample room for multiple screens. Two screens are now standard in most modern office, doubling the productivity of employees. How the monitor arm is engineered, supported by a single pole, allows the user to add additional arms. This ranges from two to six arms, useful for specific operations and circumstances. The arms can be fully rotated, allowing two users to work from the same monitor arm desk mount. Space conserving, office flat screen monitor arms encourage a healthy clutter-free work-style.

Tool Rail Mounted Monitor Arms

Excellent for extra confidentiality, tool rail mounted monitor arms combine flexibility with privacy by including a bracket which attaches to desktop screens. The screen mounted monitor arm is popular worldwide due to its appealing aesthetic and easy install design features. It has a quick release mounting plate, one touch height adjustment and complete cable management; qualities shared with desk mount monitor arms.

Monitor arm attachments allow for customisation. Extra tall poles are available, as well as extra short arms. Laptop holders and tablet holders are designed to benefit airflow to the computer. The poles, arms, clamps and holders are all available in either white, black or grey to suit the office aesthetic.

Monitor Arm for Desks

Effortlessly adjustable and incredibly beneficial, an office which embraces flat screen monitor arms displays a forward-thinking attitude to its workers. They offer a freedom of movement without impeding the user. A must-have for collaborative and hot-desking environments, they can be installed in two minutes without the use of tools. Ultra-sleek and durable, monitor arms are highly rated long-term solution and a worldwide best-seller.

Impress guests and beat competitors with the help of Desk Accessories Direct’s excellent range of modern office solutions. We ship to the whole of the UK for free. Any questions just call us and an expert will be on hand to provide you the answers.

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