Storage & Pedestals

Lockable, useful, robust. Heavy duty office storage as well as a pedestals are available. Desk Accessories Direct provided the best storage solutions for the workplace.

Steel Desk Pedestals

The most commonly used underdesk storage, mobile steel pedestals offer both accessibility and security. The steel desk pedestals can include 2 or 3 drawers; available in silver, anthracite, black or white. They have a locking mechanism which securely fastens all drawers. The wide variety of styles ensure the ideal aesthetic to seamlessly blend into an office. Acting as a border, providing privacy without impeding leg-space, the moveable or casterless pedestals are a perfect, non-intrusive solution.

Wooden Desk Pedestals

Durable with a relaxed feel, wooden desk pedestals are a popular office storage solution. The imperfections of the natural wood material, the rings and knots, make for a comfortable aesthetic. They have a clear lacquer finish which is stain and scratch resistant. The pedestals are lockable and vary in style, featuring metallic handles or engineered inlets. A selection of depths and wood finishes are on offer, perfect to match any office aesthetic.


Wooden and steel cupboards are a great storage solution. Popular and universal, cupboards are able to store a variety of items. Ranging in heights and wood finishes, wooden office cupboards are attractive and reflect an impressive work environment. Steel office cupboards are extra durable and secure, most offering a matching credenza top.

Office Bookcases and Shelving

A large variety of bookcases and moveable shelving are available. With different wood finishes, the bookcases are able to match your room aesthetic, perfect for executive waiting rooms and corner offices. Ranging from 740mm to 2140mm high, choose a product which works with your company requirements.

Combination Units

Combinations units have the benefits of both shelving and cupboards. These units are available in a range of sizes, styles, finishes and combinations to compliment any existing furniture all available for Free Delivery. They all have excellent manufacturers guarantee and are of an outstanding quality.

Plan Storage Units

Plan Storage Units are for storing large non-foldable documents such as print-outs and blueprints. Able to store up to A0 size documents, plan storage units offer wide and deep storage. The units have multiple drawers and door options. Wheelable or casterless, plan storage is practical and essential.

Document Sorters

Ideal for storing large folders of A4 size, document sorters are essential in work environments. Many are mobile, enabling you to move around the office with ease. Durable with excellent carpentry, the document sorters are ideal long-term storage.

Filing Cabinets

Steel or wooden options, filing cabinets are a multi-drawer solution to storing everyday essentials. Ideal for contracts and papers, the cabinets can be customised as black, white or cream coloured. They feature a range of sizes and heights, with multiple drawer variants on offer. The cabinets are lockable and have easy to use compartments.

Coat Stands

Universal and practical, coat stands help promote the feel of a sophisticated work environment. Metal, wood and silver styles available, the pieces are designer, suiting a modern setting.

Desk Accessories Direct Office Storage

A wide range of storage options to suit every office. Choose the most appropriate piece for your requirements to ensure a guaranteed permanent solution. Purchasing from Desk Accessories Direct assures an excellent outcome with free delivery alongside a choice of installation.

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Dams Executive Filing Cabinet 3 Drawer

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Love my new filing cabinet and the service was great.

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