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Ideal for organising and retaining important documentation, filing cabinets are an essential in modern offices. They are able to keep different sizes of paper or card safe and secure in lockable drawers. A range of sizes, shapes, colours and materials are available, yet steel filing cabinets are most popular.

Gentoo Steel Filing Cupboards

The new Qube collection is the pinnacle of office storage design. Sleek and unique, the cabinets have an anti-tilt functionality as well as height adjustable features. Chrome handles and label holders ensure a stylish look and feel. The cabinets have a 30kg file capacity and an extended 10 year warranty. White Silver Grey and Black finishes are available as well as 2, 3 and 4 drawer options. Ideal for elite offices, the Gentoo range is of exceptional quality

Dams Steel Filing Cabinets

Dams offer a wide range of filing solutions. From 2 up to 15 drawer options are available as well as black, grey and coffee cream metal finishes. The cabinets are suitable for hanging full sized documents or laying flat various pieces in the Bisley multidrawer variant. The full sized cabinets are great for organising a large office, whereas the personal A4 filer is better for individuals. 100% drawer extension and plentiful space, the Dams collection is a super choice.

The Dams bulk buy range feature product and a reduced price with free delivery on all orders over £400.

Talos Steel Filing Cabinets

Steel filing cabinets from TC Office include a 7 year warranty and an anti-tilt mechanism. The range features plastic insert drawer handles and a card holder. Able to cater to 40kg of storage, the Talos filing cabinets accept foolscap suspension files. With a great 7 year guarantee and lockable drawers, Talos filing cupboards are an excellent choice. Delivered to your property next day.

Elite Office Steel Filing Cabinets

The Elite range is for workplaces wanting to promote a high end and professional aesthetic. Ideal for ensuring the best first impression, the Elite range is well-crafted and universally appreciated throughout the UK. Elite products include a complimentary design, delivery and assembly service. The cabinets have a weight counterbalance mechanism within to help prevent accidental manouver as well as height adjustable feet. A 10 year guarantee and a choice of finish, the Elite range offers excellent longevity.

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