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CPU Holders

Helping to improve safety within the workplace, our range of CPU holders are essential in keeping computers secure when organising cables. With a wide range of choice available, from mobile to under desk holders, it is possible to match all organisations existing interior. 

CPU holders provide a safe and secure storage solution for computers. They offer easy-access to cables, ports and drives, whilst providing valuable space saving and keeping it safely secure. The CPU Holders vary in size and shape, suitable for different purposes. All models are durable, come preassembled, and are easy to attach securely.

Under Desk CPU Holders

Discreet and secure, under desk CPU holders are space-saving essentials. Ideal for a range of locations including call centres, telemarketers and sales teams where the CPU can be stored away. Under yet attached to the desk increases accessibility and allows it to be moved with the desk. Airflow to the CPU is improved with it being placed underneath the desk. Also is prevent accidents from happening such as spilt drinks or similar damages. The under desk CPU holder is a must-have in modern offices. Mini and large versions are available with safety straps optional.

Pole Mounted CPU Holders

Easy to mount on top of the desk or to the side or on the back of the monitor arm pole. The pole and platform are a high-grade steel, able to cope with the bustle of the office and a perfect long-term solution. This design allows quick access to ports and drives. An excellent space-saving option pole mounted holder are stylish and help to improve productivity.

Mobile CPU Holders

Mobile holders are used to transport hardware with ease. They are useful if the user regularly interacts with heir processor and needs a flexible versatile workspace. The mobile holders raise the PCs off the floor away from dust and enhancing airflow. The anti-slip rubber feet are a necessity and castors allow for full manoeuvrability. Desk space and constant accessibility without any hassle, mobile CUP holders are a great office solution.

CPU Holder Accessories

Desk accessories include kits to aid unique mounting positions. Wherever you require your CPU, we have a kit to help you achieve the ideal location. Slide and turn adapters are a combination of fixed under desk and mobile versions, perfect for those who want a discreet option yet frequently interact with their computer.

A range of colours are available, applying to all collections, easily matching with the office aesthetic.

CPU Holders are an essential item for forward-thinking workplaces. We deliver to the whole of the UK for free. Any questions just call us and an expert will be on hand to provide you the answers.

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