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Cable Mangement

Our range of Cable Management is essential in maintaining organisation within the workplace between various computers. With a wide range of choice available, from cable spines, to baskets, to trays it is possible both in an individual and team setting to keep the desk tidy. 

Effective cable management solutions are essential for modern offices. Most employees are now fully dependant on technology with an assortment of cables running to their desk devices. These cables need to be managed carefully and safely. De-clutter the office with modern cable management solutions.

Vertical Cable Management

Vertical cable management systems are excellent for both single and group workstations. They are able to hold plenty of cables, weaved in and out of the plastic rungs. The vertical spine has a heavy metal base, keeping the cables tucked away, and the material is very durable, able to handle a busy office.

Used under the desk, vertical cable management can also involve mesh coverings for a discreet look. The models are available in white grey or black, matching the aesthetic of the office.

Basket Cable Management

Wire basket management is a practical solution to running wires along multiple desks. Compact and accessible, basket cable managements systems are varied.

Wire pathways are a discreet cable organiser. They extend to a large size, able to be cut down to fit desks exact specifications. The basket is clamped on securely with a metal mechanism. Models with a plastic clamp are also available. The pathways help create a clutter-free workspace, improving the safety, neatness and resultant productivity of the office.

The tray system is minimal and discreet. It can be attached to the desk with metal fittings, included in delivery. Easy 3 minute installation, the trays match desk ranges.

Elite under desk wire management, basket cable management solutions are a must.

Electrical Cable Management Systems

Desk Accessories Direct have the latest additions of electrical cable management systems. Creating a modern office which remains at the forefront of technology requires elite solutions. Remove a worker’s obstructions to enrich their productivity.

Impress guests and beat competitors with the help of Desk Accessories Direct’s great range of power cable management systems. We ship to the whole of the UK for free. Any questions just call us and an expert will be on hand to provide you the answers.

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