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Why we need the Best Position for Computer Screens

November 6, 2019 Patrick

Avoid computer-related injuries by adjusting your workplace set-up.

With the increasing rise in computer dependent occupations more and more people are having to spend their time in front of a 24" screen. If only they knew, one simple correction could benefit their health, both short and long term, and even their productivity.

This decade has seen a significant rise in computer related injury, an issue that is increasing employee absentee numbers and placing a strain on health practitioners. The main complaints received are eye strain and musculoskeletal disorders (neck and back pain) and RSI.

Eye Strain

When looking at a screen you can easily forget to blink. Harvard Health notes we normally blink fifteen times a minute but in front of a screen this can drop to five times per minute. Dry eyes will cause discomfort, blurry vision, and over time long-term vision loss. Sitting further away from the screen will help remind you of your surroundings and encourage regular off-screen breaks every thirty minutes.

Eyestrain also results from improper screen positioning. Glare from the monitor can result in headaches and blurry edged vision. Long-term effects of sitting too close to the screen includes the inability to focus and illness.

Neck and back pain

Overextension and irregular constant neck flexion are caused by poor posture over long periods of time. Muscles in your spine and shoulder girdle tense up, fatigue and become very painful. These problems are common and have caused an influx of at-work desk exercises, but they are only a short-term solution.


Repetitive Strain Injury is a job-related syndrome caused by repeated localised activity, it is most commonly a result of excessive and improper computer use. Chiropractors and physiotherapists are increasingly having to treat computer specific issues; lots of professionals specialise solely on the disorder.

Treatment for this issue ranges from specific intensive home exercises to attending ultrasound sessions. However these expensive procedures can be bypassed by making a small change at work.

It’s ergonomic, my dear Watson

A 2018 study proposed visual-aids to be the solution for computer-user injuries. Repositioning your computer screen and reviewing your seated posture could save you a lot of stress, pain and time at the doctors.

The seated position, posture and distance from the screen are key areas where most suffers need adjustment. To help eye health, screens need to be positioned at arm length or further – this normally ranges between a distance of 18 to 24 inches. Harvard Health further added the centre of the monitor should be slightly lower than eye level, helping reduce headaches and the risk of long-term eye issues.

However, the design of workplace furniture and equipment does not always tailor to the individual. People come in all different shapes and sizes and so do computers, unfortunately they don’t always match up.

Monitor arms

Monitor arms are a quick-fix long-term solution to many of the practical problems affecting RSI and computer related injury. They are fully rotational supports which allow for a monitor to be attached and adjusted to the correct height and distance. Able to fit multiple screens, monitor arms help you work smarter and more efficiently.

The Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing concluded that the corrected positioning results in reduced neck flexions and a 20 percent increased speed completing workload.

Desk Accessories Direct supply the best flat screen monitor arms for an affordable price. We offer intelligent dynamic apparatus for the office which have the flexibility and adjustability to suit a worker’s needs, resulting in benefits to employee wellbeing and productivity. Our high-quality desk accessories are easily installable and come with a price match promise. Choose from our selection of stylish monitor arms to improve your work output and wellbeing.

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