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Health Benefits of Electronic Sit-Stand Desks

November 5, 2019 Patrick

In the midst of the sitting epidemic, standing desks have been widely suggested as the cure, but do they work?

In the era of office-life, where 81% of UK office workers spend between four to nine hours sitting at their desks each day (Censuswide, 2018), standing desks have swept the nation. Attempting to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, more and more employees are opting out and deciding to make a stand.

The shameful ‘sit’ and its harmful consequences have been well-documented, however the supposedly superior ‘stand’ could be a sham.

According to the study published by the Journal of Physical Activity and Health, substituting sitting for standing has no significant positive effect on an individual’s health. The study showed that standing burned around 8 more calories an hour than sitting, that’s not much more than a single slice of bread per day.

In recent years, sedentary lifestyles have been criticised, receiving a backlash similar to smoking; however, with new evidence published by the Journal of Ergonomics, the health risks of prolonged standing should also be cautioned.

So what’s the answer?

We can’t carry on, says the NHS; excessive stillness slows metabolism and weakens muscles and bones, similar to the effects of weightlessness on astronauts. How we approach office work needs to be assessed, or else we fear turning into the oblivious Axiom humans from Pixar’s WALL-E – perhaps some of us already have.

Regular movement is the answer, concludes the SMArT programme. The Stand More At Work intervention was a study which monitored office workers; it provided them adjustable desks and measured their daily physical levels. Adjustable desks are automated workstations able to alter their height, catering to sitting, perching and standing postures on demand.

The British Medical Journal’s SMArT programme found a significant difference in sitting times and observed positive changes in work-related and psychological health. The freedom offered by the new desks correlated with improved work performance, engagement, presenteeism and reduced fatigue and anxiety.

A big win for the adjustable desk – yes, but how can we, the informed office-worker, make the most of these apparent health benefits?

Today’s models

Modern sit-stand desks have been tailored to suit the needs of the modern worker, offering a variety of features to improve their ease of use. Additional to their health benefits, their updated features aim to also enhance our productivity levels.

The latest features include electric twin motors which operate within the legs of height adjustable desks, making changing positions easier. It allows work to remain uninterrupted as it quickly and smoothly alters the height of the desk.

Newer models employ improved stability features, such as anti-rock floor levellers and strengthened steel frames. With busying workplaces and cluttered environments, modern adjustable desks offer a sense of healthy solidity.

Easily kept tidy, high-tech desks offer a personalised workstation and an advanced working position, maximising the output potential of employees. Workstations can now be easily shared, the furniture adapting to each user’s needs, ensuring happiness and healthiness at work.

sit-stand desk

Office Furniture Direct supplies the latest height adjustable sit-stand desks, perfectly suited to the modern office environment. Whether you work in a busy setting or from home, optimise your workspace to enjoy better general health and improved efficiency.

For high quality desk solutions which help avoid the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, take a look at our height adjustable desks at Office Furniture Direct. Also, browse our our office desks and chairs.

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